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Former Cam Girls without Regrets

Someone you know or interact with regularly either is or has been a cam girl. You may not know it, but that’s the truth. Thanks to my line of work, I can spot them pretty easily. Whether it’s because of one or two of the poses in their social media pictures, or maybe it’s a reference they make to something. I can usually tell. Although most try to keep their cam life separate from their porn life, I tend to be the guy they feel they can confide in since I also keep my porn connections under wraps in my personal life. The women seem almost relieved to be able to speak openly.

I have yet to meet a single girl who regrets having done it. None of them had their lives or job prospects ruined. A couple paid off all college debt, another was able to buy her own house, and a couple even met their future husbands that way. It set them up for a pretty good future.

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