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The key factor you should look for in finding the best cam site

If you’re looking for the best sex chat cam site, you’re probably going to be laboring under all sorts of misconceptions and myths. One myth is that very good-looking chicks define the best cam sites. I’m sorry to be the one to break this to you, but lots of good-looking women online are completely boring. That’s right. They just sit there and basically just wait until a guy is willing to whip out his credit card and deposit some cash for a tip so she can take off one piece of clothing. It can get really annoying really quickly. In fact, it can be annoying as masturbating with a cheese grater.

If you’re sick and tired of this bullshit, you need to focus on one key factor that determines whether one cam show is the best cam site on the Internet. What factor am I talking about? I’m talking about energy level. If the chick you’re watching has a lot of energy and her personality shines out in the things she’s typing, then it’s probably worth your while to stick around and go for the free online sex chat.

You have to remember that any cam show is really a product of a two-way conversation between the performer and the audience. There’s a reason why a lot of otherwise good-looking and hot women put on really lousy shows. Why? The audience participation is not there. If you want to truly get an awesome show, look for a chick who has the right personality and be part of the experience. This means that you have to encourage her. This means that you have to put out all the right signals so she can get excited by what she’s doing and she can put on a show. Remember it’s a two-way conversation between the performer and the audience. That’s how it works.

If you think that you’re just going to sit back and somebody’s going to do all the heavy lifting and put together an awesome show and you think you can rely on the other audience members to give the right signals, then you’re just fooling yourself.